The US is Decriminalizing Cannabis

The use of Cannabis has been in existence in the US since the late 20th century. Unfortunately, during that time, being in possession of Cannabis and using it is considered to be a criminal offense. However, things are rapidly changing.
The American representatives had their position in reversing the many years of national drug policy. The representative passed the bill that will get rid of cannabis from the Schedule 1 classification. The bill passed with 228 members voting to 164, and the bill is heading to the senate. But it is likely to be killed when the Congress adjourns for the year.
This is the initial time that the …

Virginia Marijuana Legalization Steps

The use of Marijuana has long been popular in the United States. However, it was only a few years ago that its consumption for medical and recreational use was legalized. Today, Virginia is following suit.
Virginia is ranked at the sixteenth position on legalizing recreational Marijuana. The legalization process was done in the form of voting where the state legislature was involved. They had plans to start the selling of recreational Marijuana three years to come.
The Democratic lawmakers pushed the bill, and the smaller initiatives made the legislative process worthwhile. The bill was also passed by the two democratic …

Canadian Vaping Association

The open letter written by Darryl Tempest,  the Canadian Vaping Association’s executive director addressed some of the federal government’s critiques on the continued attacks and quarrels of vaping in Canada. The disagreements have continued and are not likely to stop soon.
The director expressed their views on the refusal to adopt the e-cigarettes as it is considered as a harm reduction tool. Like other health centers, addiction and the pandemic crisis are in the frontline and require instant address compared to vaping issues.
In his letter, Tempest said that the government needs to take the e-cigarette as a …